Can EV uOttawa throw a party…?


By: Lynne Lessard | Executive Member, Equal Voice uOttawa Chapter

Ohh yes we can!

As you’ve probably heard by now, EV uOttawa’s All Party Party was a huge success! How could it fail with a name that says “party” not once, but twice?!

Students – both affiliated and apolitical – and reps from the uOttawa Young Liberals (who took the prize for most representation!), Bloc Québécois (who surprised everyone with an impressive delegation!), NDP, and Conservatives, filled our student pub, 1848, enjoyed great music thanks to the great DJ Jackson Ryan, interesting chats, and a good laugh watching party reps go head-to-head at trivia on women in politics. (more…)


Introduction to a Great EVY Year: by Michal Harewood


By Michal Harewood | Equal Voice Youth Chair

As the new Equal Voice Youth Chair, I am honoured to represent the youth on the Equal Voice Board.  From the outset, I hope to enhance our communication, so that we can better meet EVY’s needs and to further our mission in bringing an equal representation to all levels of government in Canada.  With this in mind, I look forward to the launch of the new Equal Voice Youth Website, where youth members can stay connected through news, Flickr, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, facilitating the growth of student chapters across the country.   I trust the Equal Voice Youth category on our new blog: Canadian Women in Politics, will also prove to be pivotal and enhancing conversations being had between student chapters and regional chapters, and Equal Voice with Canadian voters and supporters. (more…)


A Message from Charlotte Burchett, President, Equal Voice UOttawa


By: Charlotte Burchett | President of Equal Voice UOttawa

On behalf of the executive of Equal Voice UOttawa, I would like to welcome all of our members back for another year and say hello to those of you who may be learning of our club for the first time.  We have an exciting year planned that we hope many of you will be able to take part in. (more…)


Equal Voice holds E-Vote for National Youth Chair (2010-2011): Thursday, August 12 – Sunday, August 15


By: Giovanna Mingarelli | Equal Voice

This morning at 8:00 a.m. (EST), e-ballots were sent to all eligible Equal Voice Youth (EVY) members to cast their votes for Equal Voice’s new National Youth Chair. (more…)


“My Experience at the G(irls) 20 Summit in Toronto” by Canadian Delegate, Leah Stuart-Sheppard


By: Leah Stuart-Sheppard | Canadian G(irls) 20 delegate

I recently attended the inaugural G(irls) 20 Summit in Toronto from June 15th – 26th.  The Summit was modelled after the G20, bringing together one girl aged 18-20 from each of the G20 countries, plus one from Malawi to represent the African Union.  Our goal was to discuss the challenges facing girls and women around the world and develop solutions.  We developed a communiqué, released on June 18, with a series of recommendations for change in the areas of Education, Health, and Economic Opportunity.  I am extremely proud of this document because it was developed through consensus and it focuses on concrete actions, not abstract goals.  Our voices are clear within it, and we are speaking up for change. (more…)


Beki Scott Says Farewell as Equal Voice’s National Youth Chair


– By Beki Scott | outgoing Equal Voice National Youth Chair

We can make great strides in our lives, but if there is not a strong contingent of young people behind us to continue our work, progress will not be sustainable.  As the National Youth Chair of Equal Voice for the last three years, I have had the pleasure of connecting with passionate and committed young women across the country; women who believe that we need to have a stronger voice in elected positions throughout Canada and who will continue the work of Equal Voice well into the future. (more…)


“What do you like most about politics?”


– by Minh (Lulu) Luu | Equal Voice National

I was thoroughly inspired by the eclectic mix of people standing around me on Mambo’s rooftop patio at A Midsummer Night’s Dream” networking reception on June 8, 2010. Niki Ashton, M.P., from Churchill; Christine Stilborne, new to real-estate in Ottawa; Jane Taber, columnist with the Globe and Mail; Jessica Reid, Honours philosophy student at the University of Ottawa; Justin Trudeau, M.P., from Papineau, and TJ Clarke, a communications consultant at National Public Relations, were but a few of our guests who gathered in support of the reception’s mandate: embracing young women in Canadian politics. (more…)


Ottawa – On June 8, Equal Voice and Experiences partnered to host “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” a networking reception for young women.  This was the second Particip8 event of 2010: Embracing Young Women in Canadian Politics.

Overlooking Parliament Hill’s Peace Tower, 97 guests – ranging from the seasoned politician to young professional women and men – mingled atop Mambos rooftop patio at 77 Clarence Street in the Byward Market.  Looking to be inspired by politics, though not necessarily involved politically, guests enjoyed the networking event and opportunity to meet with a number of Members of Parliament from all political parties.  The event was a heralded a success by EV, Experiences and EV’s esteemed guests. (more…)


A Message from Paroma Ray, CASG Vice-President Internal, Carleton University


By: Paroma Ray, CASG Vice-President Internal and FASS Student Senator, Carleton University

This summer, I have been fortunate to team up with Mary Anne Carter under the direction of Equal Voice’s Communications and Membership Liaison, Giovanna Mingarelli, to form an Equal Voice Chapter at Carleton University.  The main purpose of the Equal Voice Carleton Chapter is to promote and support the participation of young women in the realm of Canadian politics.  Living in a patriarchal society, it is important to note that while Canada’s population has an approximate male to female ratio of 1:1, roughly three quarters of all Members of Parliament are male, while slightly less than one quarter of MPs are female.  As a result Canadian women find themselves underrepresented in the political process. Accordingly, Equal Voice seeks to encourage the election of more women to all levels of Canadian politics and government. (more…)



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