Ignite Financial Solutions/Invested Mama are invited to Cheers to 25 Years!: Celebrating women & gender diversity in politics

MP Yvonne Jones is so happy to have you both celebrate with us at her upcoming Gala event!

2021-22 marks 100 years of women in Canadian politics! On top of that, 2021 was a huge year in overall gains in political diversity in NL. We had several elections at ALL levels of government, in which Equal Voice NL played a major role. Ultimately, we saw the highest and most diverse representation of women and gender diverse individuals running in history, at all levels of government.

Additionally, it also marks 25 years in office for MP Yvonne Jones, who has served at municipal, provincial AND federal levels of public office. Yvonne happens to be the first:

  • First independent woman ever elected in NL politics;
  • First Inuit woman elected to House of Assembly;
  • First woman in Labrador ever elected to provincial politics;
  • First woman Minister of Fisheries in Eastern Canada;
  • First woman to lead the Liberal Party of NL

These are some pretty phenomenal firsts! While Yvonne is a member of the Liberal party, she wants to celebrate 25 years by supporting ALL future women and gender diverse leaders in Newfoundland and Labrador, no matter what political party or level of government they are affiliated with. To say EVNL is honoured to be chosen as a beneficiary of the opportunity is an understatement!


As mentioned in the NLOWE email, members are welcome
to avail of
25% off the ticket and table rates.

This registration form will allow for you both to purchase half the table at $675 – how you choose the split the seats up is totally up to you folks!

  • We will send you an attendee information form for dietary/accessibility needs – please have them fill it out as soon as possible 🙂
  • The form will only allow for 2 tickets to be purchased. We handle the tables manually in the back end so we will ensure you’re together at a table and accounted for!


Hosted by: Lynn Burry

Opening Reception: Mix & mingle to the musical stylings of MUN Music Students.

Entertainment from:

  • Opening musical performance from Canada’s first & only Inuk Classical Soloist, Deantha Edmunds
  • 2021 MusicNL Pop Artist of the Year Rachel Cousins
  • Legendary Comedian & Performer Sheila Williams
  • Regards from first woman Premier Kathy Dunderdale, first woman Finance Minister Joan Marie Aylward, Dwight Ball & Deputy Mayor of St. John’s, Sheilagh O’Leary, amongst others!

Take your chances on…

  • Silent auction, prizes, and more!

The silent auction will be open to early ticket holders a week in advance, with the final opportunity to bid, during the night of.

We are still accepting sponsorship opportunities – let us know if you’re interested!


In Support of Equal Voice NL 

Equal Voice NL (EVNL) is a local multi-partisan non-profit (not charitable entity) that helps get more women and gender diverse individuals into positions of leadership and all levels of public office, including Indigenous band leadership.

EVNL is 100% volunteer run. 

Learn more at www.EqualVoiceNL.ca.

*Attendees must be double vaccinated.
No refunds.


Many business leaders end up in political leadership at some point, and Equal Voice NL is all about creating upstream solutions through an intersectional feminist lens. Much of the training and support we provide is as beneficial for women business owners as it would be for potential political leaders. In business as it is in politics, we simply do not have enough women or gender diverse individuals at the decision-making tables, and those decision-making tables need to be safer and braver spaces that empower leaders of diverse lived experiences to freely contribute to important initiatives, without fear of retribution or discrimination. Through programming, education and advocacy, we do just that.

Sold out!


May 11 2022


6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Delta Ballroom


Equal Voice NL
[email protected]