Campaign School

Designed to equip women with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to run for political office in Canada.

The school consists of online or in-person sessions including a mix of group exercises, guest speakers, and networking opportunities. Participants will receive a comprehensive workbook to guide them through the courses and a certificate of participation upon completion.

The Equal Voice Campaign School is a great launchpad for women thinking about running for office! They cover a huge breadth of topics and engage with a fantastic group of speakers including those who have successfully run for office. Learning about the path other women have taken, and their reasons for entering politics, was an invaluable experience.

2020 Participant
Planning exercise at campaign school
Giving a speech


  • Graduates join the Equal Voice Alumni network
  • Gain knowledge on how to get nominated, build your team, and run a campaign;
  • New connections across party lines and access to advice from elected officials
  • Improved leadership, management, and communication skills

Course description

Courses are subject to change with advance notice to participants.

  1. Know Your Story
    Explore the reasons behind your decision to get involved, develop your personal story, define who you are as a candidate. Learn how to communicate your story with others and articulate your views.
  2. Building Blocks
    Develop your strategy to get civically active and politically engaged, and become better known in your community ahead of your campaign. Learn about the many ways you can get started!
  3. Getting Prepared
    Hear from experts on what you need to do behind the scenes to get ready for a life in the public eye. Learn about effective campaign strategies at different levels of government.
  1. Raising Your Profile: Voters
    Develop a communications plan to increase your presence both online and in-person. Learn strategies on how to build your network, canvassing, and engaging in community conversations.
  2. Raising Your Profile: Media
    Media training will provide some guidelines and practice to prepare you for the media interviews coming your way!
  3. The Good and the Bad
    Hear from experienced politicians on the barriers you may face from the public, from colleagues, and from the system, and strategies to overcome them.
  1. Mobilizing a Team
    Overview of the key positions needed for a successful campaign. Learn about the role of a campaign manager, skills to look for, and tips on how to recruit and manage volunteers and staff.
  2. Financing and Fundraising
    Answer your questions about how much money you will need, the rules around campaign financing, and practice the ‘ask’.


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